Best App to sign photos

App to sign photosFor a while, you are treating your photography hobby and dreams of transforming your passion into a profession. Like every photographer you respect, you also want to sign photos that you publish on social networks, so you can advertise and avoid unauthorized use of your work. To succeed in the business, you have decided to download some apps to sign the photos, but so far your search has not been successful. Well, do not worry: if you want, I can give you some ad hoc apps that will allow you to sign your photos in a few taps.

In the next paragraphs, you will find a series of applications that can be used by anyone who needs to apply a signature, logo, or watermark on their shots. The applications in question are compatible with both Android and iOS and are all free, at least as far as their basic versions are concerned. Of course, I will not just get you a list of download apps, but I’ll also teach you how to do it best to protect your copyright.

Can not you wait to get started? Perfect, then let’s get in the heart of this post right away. Get comfortable, take all the time you need to focus on reading the next few paragraphs and try the apps you’ll “meet” in the next few minutes with me. I’m sure you will be able to find the right solution for you. Good reading and, above all, in the mouth of the wolf for your career as a photographer!

Watermark Photo (Android / iOS)

One of the first applications to sign photos that I recommend downloading to your Android or iOS device is Watermark Photo, a free solution that lets you print your watermark on your photos by choosing from multiple fonts, watermarks, and different styles. The basic features included in Watermark Photo are free, but to access all the fonts and stickers that are included and, above all, to remove the watermark of the app (which is applied at the bottom right of each photo) you must proceed with in-app purchases of some additional elements starting from 1.09 euros on Android and 2.29 euros on iOS.

After downloading Watermark Photo on your device, open the app by pressing the Open button or its icon located on your home screen and tap the yellow Import Image button located on its startup screen to import the photos you want to sign . On the screen that appears, select one of your shots to act on it, indicate the format of your photo by selecting one of the available ones (eg 1: 1 , 4: 3 , 3: 2 , 16: 9 , etc.) and whistle on Done (top right) to continue.

Now, you should see the Watermark Photo editor containing all the tools that will help you sign your photo. To use the various tools included in the app, scroll to one of the items below: Text , to add text to your click; Filter , to apply a filter; Overlay , to add a mask; Settings , to change the brightness, contrast, and other parameters; Watermarks to add a logo or Gallery , to insert a new image.

When the job is done, save the image you signed or share by pressing the Share item at the top right, and in the menu that appears, select one of the available rescue and sharing options.

My Watermark (Android)

My Watermark is another interesting app that allows you to sign your photos with logos and logos in a few taps. Unlike Watermark Photo, My Watermark is a 100% free solution that does not apply its own watermark to photos and allows you to also write your own freehand signature and then apply it automatically to your shots.

If you’ve already downloaded My Watermark on your device, open the app and click on the Start button that appears when you start it. After that, select the click you want to sign, then click on the Original button to keep the “start” format (or, if you want to change it, tap any of the available formats ) and then click Next(top right) application editor.

On the screen that opens, tap the symbol (+) that is located at the bottom left, and in the box that appears, scan the signature that you’ve affixed to a sheet of paper using the camera of your device. After doing so, skip the signature using the tools that you see on screen, and when you’re satisfied with the work done, click on the Done button.

Now, to add your autograph signature to the photo, hang on it in the bottom pane containing its thumbnail and place it on the photo at the desired point. By default, the signature will be colored in white, but you can change the color (perhaps to make it more visible) by pressing the palette symbol (left) and selecting one of the many color variations available.

As soon as you’re satisfied with the result, hit the arrow symbol at the top right and save the image you changed by pressing the Save To Library button.

Photo watermark (Android)

Another app I suggest you to try is Photo Watermark , a free solution that allows you to sign your photos using a very well structured and easy to use editor. The app does not include either the purchase of additional elements, nor the presence of default watermarks on your photos, but the presence of banners that sometimes could give you some discomfort (nothing tragic anyway).

If you’ve already downloaded Watermark Photo on your device, start the app and click on the camera symbol to take a new photo or tap on the image symbol to use one of the ones already saved on the roll of your device. After taking the picture (or after selecting one from the gallery), whistle on the Signature item, tap the pen symbol to write your autograph signature manually and save it by pressing the symbol (v).

After saving your signature , presses the preview of the latter and place it at the point of the picture you want most, adattane so the size using the editor that appears on the screen and if you’re happy with the result, presses the symbol ( v)located at the top right to save or share your work.

A + Signature (iOS)

Do you have an iOS device and want to sign your photos using an app that’s easy to use? Then I suggest trying A + Signature , a semi-free solution that allows you to have access to a complete editor that includes, among other things, more than 200 fonts and numerous symbols and watermarks to apply to your shots. To access all the content included in the app and to remove the banners featuring its free version, you need to make two in-app purchases of 1.09 euros each (for a total of 2.18 euros).

After downloading A + Signatures on your iPhone or iPad, launch the app and press the Load from Photo Albums button to load one of the photos you want to sign. After you locate the image you want to sign, click on the symbol (+) located at the bottom left and tap on Text to add the text.

To change the sample sentence in the text box, double-tap it. Then enter your name and surname (or, if you prefer, your art name); change text color, alignment, font, and more by using the tools that appear on the Attributes tab , and, when you’re satisfied with the result, drag the text box to the desired point (perhaps in one of the four corners of the picture or vertically on one of its sides).

If you want, you can also place an autograph signature and even add stamps. To do this, click on the symbol +) at the bottom left corner and click on the ” Drawing / Handwritting” entry to add a “free hand” signature or pick up the Stock Items item to add one of the many available stickers.

As soon as you’ve completed your work, tap the arrow symbol and select one of the available rescue and sharing options.

Other apps to sign photos

Of course, there are many other applications to sign photos you can download on your device. In the preceding paragraphs I have described you in detail what, according to my modest opinion, are among the best on the square. However, there are others that are worth considering.

  • Add Watermark Free ( Android ) – This free app lets you easily add text and logos to your photos by adjusting their size, transparency, location, and more. By purchasing the full version of Add Watermark, which costs € 2.39, you can also take advantage of some advanced features such as Batch mode, which allows you to process multiple images simultaneously and save photos in PNG format (as well as JPG).
  • SALT ( Android ) – Are you looking for an app that will allow you to take photos and automatically add your company logo? SALT may be the solution to yours. To access all the sources and watermarks that are included, however, you need to purchase in-app from 1.19 euros per item.
  • Phonto ( Android / iOS ) – this app lets you add text to your images by choosing from over 200 fonts, one more beautiful than the other. Not all fonts included in Phonto are free: you can buy some from in-app purchases from 1.00 euros on Android and 1.09 on iOS.
  • Watermark Photo Signature Sticker & Copyright  ( iOS ) – Do not be fooled by the extended name of this app, using it is a play! With Watermark Photo Signature Sticker & Copyright, you can place a watermark with your signature after taking a picture, apply a transparent background logo, or create one directly in your app. To remove the ad and access all available font packages, you need to proceed to some in-app purchases starting at 1.09 euros.

Please read the tutorials in the tutorials that I have just briefed you at UAE Technician blog page and assure you will not have the slightest problem applying signatures and watermark to your images.