Know about the best App for document scanners to go through this article.

During your working days, you happen to meet many customers outside your company and, given that in these circumstances it is likely that many of them sign contracts and documents, you are forced to bring along your portable scanner that, as far as possible be useful, it is not always the most comfortable solution for you. To remedy the situation, you thought well to download some scanners for documents that can somehow take the place of your trustworthy scanner: you had a very good idea! Since you are here, how about if I recommend some specific application that you can use just for this purpose?

In the next paragraphs, I will list some app-scanners that could do just for you and I will explain in detail their operation. I assure you that even if you are not a technology expert, you will take very little time to become familiar with them and get scans of the highest quality: just frame the camera to scan with the smartphone camera and let the algorithm of the app face the rest (with automatic optimization of colors, perspective and clarity of digitized documents).

How do you say? Can not wait to try the apps I’ve selected for you? Perfect, then we do not lose more precious time in chatter and let us immediately enter the heart of this post. Make yourself comfortable, take all the time you need to try out the solutions you “meet” in the next few minutes and finally choose the apps that are best suited to your circumstances. I wish you good reading and have fun!

Scanbot (Android / iOS)

One of the first document scanner apps that I recommend you try is Scanbot , a semi-free solution for Android or iOS devices , thanks to which you can scan documents and QR codes quickly and easily. Using Scanbot is simple: just frame the document to be scanned with the camera of your device (trying to be as precise as possible) and the algorithm of the app will do the rest.

Before explaining the operation of Scanbot in detail, however, I want to tell you that, although you can download the app for free, you need to purchase its Pro version to access some advanced features, such as the one that allows you to extract the text (OCR) and add new pages to existing scans. At the time of writing, the Pro version of Scanbot costs 7.99 euros.

After downloading Scanbot, open the app by pressing the Open button or by tapping on its icon located in the home screen of your device and, after viewing the information cards that appear when it starts, choose whether to purchase the Pro version of the app or if you use the free one by pressing the Do not become Pro button .

After giving permission to Scanbot to access the camera of your device, frame the document you want to scan and, as soon as the document perimeter turns green, presses the symbol of the ring (below) to take the picture. From this screen, you can also choose whether or not to perform a multi-page scan by tapping the homonymous button at the top left.

After scanning the document, tap on one of the items that appear on the next screen to save the scan, to repeat it or to change its color: press the Scan item  to run the scan again; press on the Filter item  to set a color filter; tap the Cut item  to manually crop the scanned document; press on the item Move  to move his sheets; press on the Rotate item  to rotate it or press on the Delete item to delete it. To save the scan, instead, tap the Save item located at the top right.

After editing and saving the document you have just scanned, use the save and share options offered on the next screen to save the document locally or to share it via e-mail, fax or upload it to a service. cloud storage .

Office Lens (Android / iOS / Windows)

In an article dedicated to applications for scanning documents, I could not but include Office Lens , a 100% free solution made available by Microsoft, thanks to which you can scan documents “on the fly” using your device Android , iOS or Windows 10 Mobile . In addition to creating digital copies of paper documents (which can be converted into editable Word and PowerPoint files), Office Lens allows you to scan texts written on whiteboards automatically eliminating the shadows and reflections on the latter and business cards (by automatically saving the contact data indicated on it in the address book or in OneNote). Interesting, right?

If you have already downloaded Office Lens to your device, open the app, scroll through the information cards that appear when it starts and press the Allow Access button to allow the application to access the camera of your smartphone or tablet. Then choose one of the scanning modes available (by swiping to the right or left): Document, to scan a paper document; Blackboard, to scan the text written on a blackboard; Photo, to scan a photo or Business card, to scan a business card.

After selecting the scanning mode you want to use, scan the document with the camera of your device and take a picture by pressing the symbol of the orange ring located in the middle of the display (below).

Within a few seconds, the Office Lens algorithm will process the image and, in the next screen, will show you the menu where you can edit the scan you just made. Then press on the symbol of the Crop function located at the top right to correct the frame of the scan and move the black dots placed at the corners of the sheet trying to be as precise as possible. When you have finished cropping the document, tap on the item Done located at the top right and, if you are satisfied with the final result, press again on the entry Done (always on the top right) to save or share it.

If you want to add a new sheet to the scan, before pressing the “Done” button for the second time, press the button (+1) located at the bottom left and perform a new scan following the instructions I gave you earlier. To delete a scan, however, presses the symbol of the trash located at the bottom right.

In the Export to screen, choose whether to save the scan in one of the Microsoft applications listed (of course, to do this, you must first install the Microsoft app on your device) or save the scan as a PDF or share it with other users via email. Have you seen how simple it was to use the scanner made available by Microsoft?

CamScanner (Android / iOS)

CamScanner is another app for Android and iOS devices that I suggest you try on your device, especially if you want to scan documents quickly. Thanks to the Batch Scan Mode, in fact, CamScanner allows you to perform a fairly precise scanning of documents in a few seconds. Seeing is believing! Many features included in CamScanner are free, but to access the advanced features of the app – the ability to create an unlimited number of folders, upload documents automatically on cloud storage services and so on – you have to activate the Premium subscription, which costs 4.99 euros per month or 49.99 euros per year.

After downloading and launching CamScanner on your smartphone or tablet, follow the on-screen instructions that show you the features of the app and create your free account by tapping the Subscribe button if you want to register via e-mail. mail or phone number. Alternatively, if you want to skip this step and immediately use the app, presses the appropriate button (doing so, however, you will not be able to access some of its main functions such as backup scanned documents and their synchronization on all devices) .

After deciding whether or not to login, presses the button depicting a camera(below), frames the document you want to scan and swipe on the display to select one of the scanning modes among those available: Identity card , to scan an identity document; Single , to scan a single document or Block , to scan a document composed of two or more sheets.

After taking the photo of the document, presses the symbol ( v ) located at the bottom right and, as for “magic”, the CamScanner algorithm will automatically crop the photo. If the result does not satisfy you, press the Back button (top left) and crop the photo manually. To change the document, however, presses on one of the symbols located at the bottom: the rectangle with the arrow , to rotate the document; the magnifying glass , to use the text recognition function (OCR); the adjustment bars , to change the brightness, exposure and other parameters of the image or the symbol ( v) to save the scan. Then share the document using one of the saving and sharing options among those proposed on the next screen

Genius Scan (Android / iOS)

Now let’s move on to Genius Scan , a semi-free solution available for both Android and iOS devices , whose algorithm is able to automatically detect the frame of the page that you want to scan and crop it by correcting the perspective and removing the background. Furthermore, thanks to the tools provided by Genius Scan, it is possible to increase the readability of the scanned document in the post-processing phase.

To access some advanced features, such as the one that allows you to intelligently rename documents and use all the export options and delete advertising, however, you need to purchase the full version of the app, which costs 8.99 euros.

After downloading Genius Scan on your device, start the app, presses on the camera symbol (lower right) and, in the screen that appears, swipe to the right or left to activate the single scan mode (to scan one sheet) or the group sheet (to scan two or more sheets). Now, frame the document you want to scan and, as soon as it is recognized by the algorithm of Genius Scan, the sheet will be highlighted in orange. Then press the symbol of the ring located in the center of the screen to take the photo of the document and, if you are satisfied with the scan, tap the Save item (top right).

If, on the other hand, you want to improve the quality of the scan and the readability of the document, select one of the options that you see on the screen to act on it: Edit , to manually crop the image or to rotate it; Enhance , to change its color and increase its readability or print format , to change its format.

As soon as you are satisfied with the changes made to the document scanned above, presses the entry Save (top right) and choose whether to save it as a new document or in an existing document . Then presses the sharing button that appears on the next screen, select the format in which you want to save the document you scanned a little earlier and send it by e-mail or using a cloud storage service (feature only available for those who purchased the version complete of the app).

Other applications for document scanners

Did not the solutions that I proposed to you in the previous paragraphs have satisfied you? Strange! They are among the best currently available on the square. In any case, do not lose heart and take a look at the other document scanner apps listed below. I’m sure at least a couple of them will help you!

  • Quick PDF Scanner ( Android ) – this semi-free application allows you to scan documents directly from your smartphone or Android tablet. Its captivating user interface and its algorithm that automatically detects the edges of the sheets make it perfect for those who want to always have a reliable scanner and time to use sex. To access the advanced features of Quick PDF Scanner and make unlimited scans, you need to make in-app purchases starting at € 0.72 per item.
  • Simple Scan ( Android ) – thanks to this app, you can scan documents, receipts, photos, business cards, etc. and use the text recognition feature (OCR) to search for words within the document itself. It also integrates some advanced features, such as saving documents on the SD card, only accessible in the full version of the application, which costs 4.99 euros.
  • Reader Pro Scanner ( iOS ) – who owns an iPhone or an iPad, can not take into consideration this app developed by Readdle (famous software house that has made some famous productivity apps, above all PDF Expert) that allows to scan documents quickly and easily. Scanner Pro’s algorithm recognizes documents and automatically eliminates shadows, distortions and other “nuisances” that could make scanning inaccurate. It integrates numerous advanced features such as text recognition (OCR), image processing and synchronization on all devices. It costs 4.49 euros.
  • Tiny Scanner ( Android / iOS ) – this app allows you to digitize paper documents automatically detecting borders, setting their color and format and even protecting them with a password. To access all the functions integrated in the Tuny Scanner (such as document protection), however, you need to purchase the Pro version of the app, which costs 5.29 euros on Android and 5.49 euros on iOS.
  • Evernote Scannable ( iOS ) – the app-scanner made by Evernote is 100% free and allows you to easily scan documents, use the text recognition feature (OCR) and share your scans with other users. Beyond that, Evernote Scannable allows you to scan business cards and get contact information from them to save in the phone book.
  • Notes (iOS) – all iPhones and iPads upgraded to iOS 11 have a built-in “standard” scanner in the Apple Note app. Although it is a scanner without advanced features, it is extremely reliable and precise.