Amazon Gift Wrapping: After reading my article on how Amazon works, you, as well as many other users, have begun to shop on the well-known e-commerce portal. Speaking then with a friend of the thing you came to know about the existence of the good Amazon and if you are here now and are reading these lines, it seems obvious to me that you would like to know more about it.

How do you say? Things are exactly like this and would you like to know if I can give you more explanations? But of course, that was exactly what I was going to do with this tutorial. If you give me a few minutes of your precious time, I can explain, by thread and sign, what is an Amazon gift voucher and how it works.

Before giving any explanation of the case, however, it seems necessary to make a clarification. Amazon gift vouchers can be redeemed personally or can be given to other people or you can still buy them for yourself. Conversely, you can also receive them from other users and associate them with your account. Whatever your need is, you do not have to worry about it: this is a very simple operation in all cases. Now, it is enough to talk and enter the question live. Get handsome comfortable and read carefully the information I am about to provide you. You will see, in the end you will have the ideas perfectly clear.

What is an Amazon Gift Voucher

Amazon Gift Voucher

So to begin with, we try to understand in detail what an Amazon gift voucher is. This is essentially a sort of gift card associated with a code of 14-15 alphanumeric characters (eg S25-NJZ1JX-CZCP5 ) that, once redeemed, allows you to charge your credit on your account.

The credit obtained with the Amazon voucher can then be spent on purchases of any kind on the famous site founded by Jeff Bezos without having to use additional payment methods. Also, it is not compulsory to spend the whole voucher in one go. If the advancement of the balance from the expense you make can be used later, and if insufficient to cover the full costs of additional purchases, you may add up to that of the default payment method.

As I was saying a few lines up, an Amazon gift voucher can either be redeemed (when for example received in gift from third parties) that sent to other people (maybe to make a birthday gift, Christmas etc.) or, again, can be purchased to be used personally (for example, to avoid having to use the balance of the credit card linked to the account).

In all cases, the Amazon gift voucher is available in various formats selectable and customizable at the discretion of those who buy it. There are those digital ones, the ones to be printed, the ones in the form of greeting cards and those in a casket format.

As far as cutting is concerned, the choice is very personal and may vary according to the selected/obtained format. However, it is a minimum of 15 cents. to a maximum of 200 euros.

Redeem a gift voucher

Now that you have the clearest ideas on the subject you are ready to go to the next step: redeem an Amazon gift voucher. The steps you need to follow are the ones below.

Depending on your needs and preferences, as well as the means you own, you can do this from both computers, including the Amazon Web version, smartphones and tablets, using the app official service for Android and iOS. To learn more, continue to read, find all the explanations you need right here.

If you are interested in understanding how to redeem an Amazon gift voucher received through the official app for smartphone and tablet service, start it on your device and login to your account if necessary, then click on the button with the three horizontal lines in the top left, step on the Gift voucher entry to the menu that has opened, scroll through the screen and select the item Do you already have a gift voucher? .

Now type your gift voucher code in the blank field or scan by taking advantage of your smartphone or tablet’s camera by pressing Scan your gift voucher. Then click on Verify to verify the validity of the voucher and to finish the step on the Add to my account button. Very easy, right?

Give a gift voucher

Do you want to donate an Amazon gift voucher to a friend, relative or colleague or, still, want to get a self-gift (in this case you will need to replace the mail or address of the recipient with yours)? Then follow the ad hoc instructions below, everything is very simple.

Even then, you can do this from the Web, then using Amazon from a computer, or through apps, then smartphones or tablets.

From Web

If you want to give an Amazon gift voucher to a person you know the first step you need to take is to go to the service home page and log in to your account (if necessary) by moving your cursor over to Hello. Log in to the top right, by clicking on the Log in Attach to menu that you see appearing and typing in the required login data (email address and password).

At this point, select the type of voucher you want to give. By clicking on Digital you can gift an Amazon gift voucher by sending it by mail or by messaging, by selecting To print you can adjust a voucher by printing the template on paper to hand over by hand, selecting In a greeting card you can instead buy the voucher in greeting card format you will then receive it via courier like any other purchase on Amazon (in which case you will have to hand it over to the recipient or you will need to specify when ordering it is a gift to bring it to the referring person) while clicking on In a casket you can receive or deliver the gift voucher (similar to what i just told you about the greeting cards) in the form of a gift box.

Once you make your choice, it indicates which of the available templates you want to give by scrolling through the page that is shown to you. They are there for all tastes and for all occasions. If you can not find the first thing you think you can do most of the time, you can also enable the category view by choosing what interests you in the Occasion section above or you can enable filters by using the appropriate items on the left.

At this point, if you have chosen a digital voucher, select the style of the design and design, indicate the amount, specify if you want to deliver it via email or messaging, and in the first case also indicates the recipient’s e-mail address and your name, type your message, quantity, and specify the delivery date. Then click the Buy Now button on the right and it is done.

Later, if you chose to send the mail this will be delivered to those who owe it by following the instructions that are specified in the order. If you have chosen to send via messaging, you will be provided with a link that you can share with the person you want through WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and so on. so that he can redeem the voucher.

If you have chosen to buy a voucher to print, in a greeting card format or, still, in the form of a gift box, select the amount you want from the menu, select style and/or design, and then click the Add to Cart button which is on the right. Next, access your shopping cart by clicking on the appropriate item in the upper part of the Amazon pages and completing the order.

In the specific case of the voucher to be printed, you will need to click on the Order and Paid button, and you will receive the voucher PDF in a ticket format to your e-mail address, which you will then print, fold as indicated and deliver to the recipient by hand.

If instead of the greeting cards and the bins, you will need to indicate whether you will receive a good gift at your home (and then you will need to hand it over to the person for whom you are purchasing) by clicking Proceed to Order or send it to the address of the recipient by ticking the box This order contains a gift , pressing the button to continue and providing the mailing address of the person to whom you intend to direct the voucher. For more information on the purchase procedure, please refer to my guide on how to buy on Amazon.

As far as the possibility of giving up a gift voucher is concerned, the steps to follow are the same as above but in the case of the digital good you have to direct it to yourself, in the case of the paper you will have to hold it for you and in the case of those ” physical “you will have to, for obvious reasons, necessarily deliver to your address.

More than implementing this practice, however, I recommend you to recharge your account balance by accessing the Gift voucher section on Amazon as I explained a few lines up, then pressing on Reload your account by selecting the amount you want and the method of payment and then click on the button below to confirm the execution of the transaction.

From app

If you want to give someone an Amazon gift voucher via your smartphone and tablet application, what you have to do is start it on your device, access your Amazon account (if required), press the button with the three horizontal lines that it is in the top left corner and select the Gift voucher from the menu that opens.

On the screen that you will later look like, choose how and what kind of gift certificate you want to send between the various options available: By email , PrintIn a casketOn a greeting card or Original. As you can see, the options are pretty much the same as giving you a few more lines, as explained to you how to proceed from a computer, except for the last one that allows you to ship the Amazon Goods in the form of packages, bookmarks, and other original variants.

Once you have made your choice, the steps you will have to take regarding the selection of the voucher design, the amount of the same, given (if required) and delivery address, are practically the same as seen in the previous rows it changes absolutely nothing but the “clicks” you have to replace the “tap”.

The same thing applies to giving up a voucher, once you ‘ve switched to the Gift voucher section, the steps to take and the directions to follow are similar to what has already been explained in the previous rows.

After you’ve redeemed an Amazon voucher, you will only need to click on the Gift voucher at the top of the site to see the balance of your account from the Web and select the link Show the Balance on the left, under your account . On the Internet page that will later open, you will find your current balance at the current Balance item : on the left. Below are all the latest transactions made, including the voucher.

From mobile, however, you have to press the button with the three horizontal lines on the top left, you have to tap on My Account and then on Recharge Account after that you have to scroll through the screen shown to the base and you must select the Display the balance of your account . You will find the current balance at the current Balance item : for the very least.

Deadlines, limitations and more info

But how does the Amazon gift voucher work with regard to validity ? I’ll answer you right away! An Amazon gift voucher can be used within the next 10 years from the date of issue. It can be exploited not only on but also on other localized Amazon versions (eg,,, etc.).

It can not, however, be used to buy other coupons and can not be reloaded, resold, converted into money or transferred to another account. For more details, please see the appropriate page about the terms of use of the service attached to Amazon’s website.

If, however, you need more generic information, I suggest you consult the page that is included in the assistance section of the Amazon website dedicated specifically to gift certificates.

If you later need to contact the customer service of the famous site, you can follow the ad hoc instructions I provided in my dedicated article just to contact Amazon .