The alarm clock on the computer , even if Windows does not provide it, is one of the easiest things to get on a PC , more useful than waking up after sleeping (maybe after an afternoon nap), to warn those who work a certain period of time has passed.

The configuration of an alarm is possible on a Windows PC by setting an automatic action that, at the chosen time, plays a music or any audio effect.

On the other hand, you can download programs and applications for Windows 10, 7 and 8 (or even web applications such as online watches) that work liketimer and alarm for PC with alarm .

Timer apps help you organize your work and keep track of time, with a countdown timer or a stopwatch that’s governed by your computer.

Note that for online timers and clocks, to work they require internet connection and the web page is not closed until the alarm sounds.

For all alarms with sound alarm, however, it is essential to raise the volume of the speakers in an appropriate way, neither too loud nor too flat, by lifting the headphones from the audio jacks of the PC.

1) SnapTimer is a very simple PC program, which shows a window with a timer on the screen and does not require installation.

The timer can send various types of alerts such as an on-screen message or even music from audio files or the opening of any program.

2) Free alarm clock is instead a program for Windows PCfree that allows you to set multiple alarms with messages and with the ability to choose the music to be played.

There are also options to repeat the alarm several days of the week, adjust the volume, turn on the monitor and use the snooze.

The program works even if the computer is in suspend mode.

3) Atomic Alarm Clock is a PC alarm program that allows you to set multiple alarms at different times.

It then shows the big clock on the screen instead of the default one on the desktop and allows you to see the times all over the world.

4) MultiTimer is an application for Windows 10 that can be run in the background, also compatible with the Cortana voice assistant.

 5) CoolTimer is a PC program for Windows 7, 8 and 10 that allows you to have a timer and an alarm clock on the screen, which appears with a colored window impossible to ignore.

6) Talking Alarm Clock is a small program to be installed on the Windows computer that acts as an alarm clock.

The choice of the alarm is all customizable and you can put an mp3 music that is on the computer or a phrase spoken thanks to the internal text to speech that, however, in Italian it is very bad or it does not come really.

7) WakeupOnStand By is a PC program that awakens the computer from its standby state after a certain period of time, perfect for those who want the PC ready for use at a certain time.

8)Orzeszek Timer is a program that appears super simple as a graphic, with countdown timer and alarm.

9) Kukuklok is a nice alarm clock online where the alarm is a rooster who sings .

You can even change this sound by choosing more classic alarms like the traditional alarm clock or special alarms like the alien attack.

10) Radio Alarm clock is really a cute web application and a feature-rich online watch.

To set the alarm, you can indicate at what time you want to wake up.

In the next phase you have to choose the music to sound as an alarm that can also be a YouTube video .

In this case, instead of the alarm you set the automatic opening of a web page in which you then copy and paste the URL or the internet address YouTube or any other video site.

11) Onlive Clock is a website that is a real online alarm clock for the computer.

Just specify the time and leave the site page open to sound an alarm or to receive a message on the screen.

There are many configurable options in the menu below.

12) Online Clock is an online clock in which you can set an alarm by selecting the time.

You can set an online radio as an alarm and there is a mobile version and a stopwatchwith minutes, seconds and cents.

13) The timer countdown on the desktop is a software for Windows 7, perhaps the best in its category, where you can set a timer and an alarm clock without having to open other programs or stay connected on the internet.

14) Music alarm clock has the distinction of putting the choice of a song as an alarm clock .