For beating the heat, having an AC isn’t enough. You must place it in the right place and in the right direction for obtaining the maximum cooling at minimum expense. And that’s why we say, for a more efficient use of your Ac, where you place your air conditioner matters. So, here are a few things you must know for the correct placement of your AC.

Where Do You Want It?

The one very important step of air conditioning placement is where do you want to put it, in which room. Is the AC in your living area, the bedroom or the whole house. That will decide which will be the best place to obtain maximum cooling without adding a lot to your bill.

Where You Place Your Air Conditioner Matters

Placement Of Thermostat

Thermostat tells your AC how much to cool and how often. If the thermostat does not correctly reflect the average temperature of your room, your AC will either cool more or less than needed. So, you will not be able to maintain the desired temperature in the room. Hence, it is important to place the thermostat properly. Here is where you shouldn’t put the thermostat.

In Direct Sunlight

If the sunlight falls directly on your thermostat through your window, it will make your thermostat believe that your room is hotter than what it actually is. This will make your AC work harder to bring down the temperature to the desired level. More electricity will be consumed in the process, adding more to your bills, while your room gets uncomfortably cold as well.

Near Air Vents

Thermostat, if placed near the air vents, will get confused by the cool air of the AC. It will indicate that the room is cold when it is not. Your AC will stop cooling and will have a short cycle. This will not only make you feel uncomfortable, but your AC would also be working harder, adding to the bill.

Near Other Drafts

Not just the air vents, it goes the same for other places as well. Never place your thermostat near windows, fans, or other such places that can confuse the thermostat regarding the temperature of the room. You will never get the desired cooling from your AC.

Near Heat-producing Appliances

Goes the same for placing your thermostat near the appliances that generate heat. The thermostat will believe that the room is hotter than it is, making your Ac work harder and longer while your room will get cooler than it should be.

In A De-centralized Location

The center of your room is the best place to keep the thermostat because it is where it can get the correct reading of the average temperature. Keeping it anywhere else can make the thermostat misjudge the temperature of the room, making it either too hot or too cold.


Every air conditioning unit has different airflow requirements. You can contact UAEtechnician to advise you about the best air conditioning placement that will also be energy-efficient. Depending on the placement of your windows, ventilation type, and other things in the area, we can tell you the best position to place your AC in the room for obtaining maximum cooling with lesser energy.

External Unit

Placing the external unit correctly is as vital as the placement of the main unit. Keep your external unit out of the sun. Otherwise, your Ac will have to work twice as hard as it must just to fight its internal heat so that it can keep your house clean. Also, make sure that it is not exposed to dust or debris. A tree shedding pods nearby or a dusty driveway around it can block the unit, or make it dirty, thus leading to the poor performance of your indoor unit.

Ease Of maintenance

An AC unit needs regular maintenance. So, if you place it in some place that’s not easily accessible, you will not be able to keep your AC maintained and serviced regularly. This will affect the performance of your AC, leaving you in heaps of bills that you could have avoided with the right placement of the AC. Keeping in mind the air conditioner clearance requirements.

The Best Height For Air Conditioner

If your room is 10 ft high, place your split AC at 7-8 feet while your window AC must be put at 3-4 feet above the floor. Don’t fix the AC very close to the wall. The heat dissipation won’t happen and the high head-pressure will make your AC trip. After fixing the air-conditioner, make sure the distance is 900 mm and the top of the shaft shouldn’t be closed.

Best Position To Place Your AC In The Bedroom

In the bedroom, find the option where you can put your AC. Now cancel out the points where your bed can be direct and in-line of the AC’s airflow. Make sure no furniture are in close proximity of the AC, like directly underneath it.

When your AC drips water, the furniture might get damaged. So, place your AC where there is enough space around it. It will also help in getting the AC service done easily.

Best Position To Place Your AC In The Living Room

Place your AC in the living room according to its symmetry. Also, make sure to put it away from the windows and glass doors. The direct sunlight and heat can make your AC work harder when it is not really needed. If you have a huge living room but the area that you use is lesser, put your AC where you can use it the most, like where you entertain your guests, or where you sit.

These few things about the placement of the AC will help you in getting the efficient cooling from the AC. if you have any doubts about where to place your AC, you can always avail AC installation service of UAEtechnician for assistance and support.