Is your computer getting a bit slow lately? Learn how to improve its performance easily.

A computer should allows to improve team productivity and not the other way around!

  1. Empty temporary files from your computer

Windows accumulates a ton of temporary files in specific folders.

They have managed automatically but sometimes give him a little help does not hurt!  We often see an abnormal amount of these temporary files on Windows. Emptying these folders will free up space on the hard drive.

The automated method with Ccleaner.  A free utility for home use that will clean up quickly.  The paid version offers, among other things, automated updates and a more complete cleaning.  Visit the website of Piriform, the official publisher of Ccleaner.

The default settings are adequate.

  • Internet cache
  • Temporary internet files
  • Cookies
  • Download history
  • Recently visited websites
  • Emptying the trash
  • Windows temporary files
  • Ccleaner is available on Windows and Mac OS.
  1. Scan to eliminate Malware (spyware)

Our computers are used largely now to browse the internet. Often unintentionally, we pick up a panoply of spyware. Software that clings to the web browser such as Google Chrome or Firefox. They spy on us and also slow down the performance of your computer and web browsing.

An alternative is the best known Malwarebytes. Still free version for use at home.

It is also very effective for cleaning unwanted software on your computer. Simple to use you can consult our little guide on how to clean your computer. Malwarebytes is available on both Windows and Mac.

  1. Review your internet package: As much with Bell as Videotron, the most popular internet providers.

Internet speeds have increased considerably in recent years. We often see customers still on an old package considered high speed on 5 Mbps.

We advise ideally a package on at least 30mbps. With the multimedia load of websites, growing video content and video streaming.  The service is often offered at a similar price from your old package.

  1. Uninstall the software you do not use

In the control panel, you will find the option “programs and applications.  Applications and Features in Windows 10.

Find applications you know that you no longer use. While freeing up disk space, some software also has an impact on how fast your computer starts up.

Common software that has a major impact on startup:

  • Skype
  • Dropbox
  • One Drive
  • McAfee Security
  • Steam
  1. Perform Windows and Mac OS updates

From Windows 7 to Windows 10, including Mac OS.

The importance of updates is critical, both in terms of the security of your computer and its stability.

The updates are mainly used to fix flaws and improve functionality.

They also include updates of the drivers (“drivers”) of the hardware of the computer.

They have a direct effect on the overall stability of the computer.

Windows 10 is still offered as a free update by Microsoft by the end of 2017. We strongly advise users on Windows 7 to take advantage of it. Windows 10 is much more powerful and stable than Windows 7.

Improve the speed of your computer, advanced

  1. SSD drive
  2. Add a solid state drive (SSD).
  3. SSDs are purely electronic and offer higher speeds.
  4. An HDD mechanical hard disk operates at about 50-120 mbps.
  5. While an SSD goes on average from 200 to 500 mbps.
  6. It’s almost 10 times faster.

Internal cleaning of the computer

A build-up of dust inside a computer is an important factor in its performance.

Computers produce heat and must cool down.

By means of heat sinks and fans.

Dust accumulates just block this dissipation, which causes overheating.

Directly linked to its performance, the computer will slow down or shut down to protect itself.

We, therefore, recommend that you perform hardware maintenance on your computer once a year.

Reinstalling Windows (Mac OS):  Reinstalling the operating system can greatly improve the performance of a computer.

Sometimes Windows becomes overloaded with software and it comes back easier to reinstall everything.

Depending on your installation, a relocation from simple to very complex.

The installation itself is quite simple; it is the configuration of some software and settings that can be harder.

We use software that automates these operations and facilitates the transfer of data. Also contact us any time for Computer Repair solution in UAE.